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How to drive social engagement for your mobile app

When launching your new mobile brand, there is one place that overwhelmingly seems like the obvious choice, the mobile marketplace. Social media in 2015 offers an excellent platform for mobile apps and games to market their product in the very place the consumer uses it. A social media brand like Uber or Game of War benefits greatly from mobile advertising. These brands utilized social media advertising to connect with their user base and increase app downloads. How can you get in on the action and drive more social engagement? Start with the four major platforms.


Facebook is the number one social media brand, and content is and will always be king on this platform. It is vital to publish regular and engaging content on your company’s page, but Facebook is no simple social network. Facebook has turned into an advertising behemoth in the past five years. Closely eyeing Google as a targeted digital advertising giant, this platform provides multiple advertising channels for a mobile brand. The first thing you need to do is decide a goal and a budget. Facebook offers Click to site advertising, Page promotion to increase likes, and app download advertising. So you should ask yourself, do I want more brand awareness? More app downloads? More social reach? Once you have decided this, you can better choose a Facebook advertising method.

If you are working with a limited advertising budget, you may be more inclined to go straight for the “increase app downloads” approach. As with all Facebook ads you can target your ad to very specific audiences, save those audiences and continuously tweak them for better performance and app engagement. Facebook allows you to target people based on gender, age, interests, device used, location, and many other demographics. Facebook also provides detailed analytics for you to understand how well your ad is doing by measuring clicks, downloads and page likes. Facebook is the first and most natural choice for social media promotion of mobile brands, but it is not the only piece of the pie.


Twitter has rapidly grown into a customer service center for many brands. If you are a mobile brand, there is a general understanding that your company is more tech-savvy than say a paper towel brand or coffee company. Twitter is a great platform to address customer service requests or product questions in real time and support your growing interest. As with all social media channels, content is also vital for growth on this platform. Brands tweet much more than they post to Facebook simply because a tweet comes and goes in the blink of an eye. A strong presence on Twitter with 4-8 tweets per day is never a bad thing in addition to responses from customers. Twitter is also a great place to engage with people who may not tweet directly to you but tweet about your mobile brand. This makes it possible to find your fans, retweet/ favorite them and show them you value their support.


Instagram has rapidly become the platform with the highest engagement in the social media world. Beating Facebook and Twitter by miles in terms of likes and comments, this is no platform to ignore. Keeping in line with the content is king theory, Instagram provides an opportunity to share gameplay videos, screenshots of your app, user reviews, behind the scenes snapshots, and much more. You have the greatest chance of getting in front of the most people for free on Instagram. Utilize this opportunity and share great content! Instagram ads have also recently debuted for all users and offer brands with manageable budgets an opportunity to promote products and services within the platform. One objective that Instagram allows is mobile app downloads. This enables users to click through your ad straight to a download of your mobile app or game. This ad option comes with image or video support and is operated through Facebook’s power editor.


LinkedIn often gets pushed to the background as an online resume and nothing more, but LinkedIn also provides its fair share of digital advertising. With LinkedIn advertising, you can set your budget to pay per click or impressions with complete control of the ad term length. LinkedIn provides text only, text and image, or video ads. If you are advertising a video game, LinkedIn can provide a platform to get your ad in front of game developers, or similar minded people that can spread your influence in the industry.

Whichever networks you choose to promote your mobile brand on, it is important to remember your target, the tech-savvy consumer. Bring your advertising to them, and make it easy to click, download and engage with your product from wherever they are.


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