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How to craft relevant and engaging email marketing campaigns

What is the number one key ingredient to making your email marketing campaigns successful?  As a mobile marketer, the most important factor is to make sure your messages are relevant to your subscribers or user base.  In fact, a recent study by  Forrester Research found that irrelevance is the number one reason people cited for unsubscribing from email lists or push notifications.

What is Relevance?
No matter what the nature of your business, relevance is the key to mobile marketing success. When you are crafting your email marketing campaigns, think about why your subscribers signed up in the first place, then ask yourself the following three questions.

  • How does the message I am crafting relate to the subscribers on my list?
  • What value does this email bring to my subscribers?
  • Does the message help my subscribers solve a problem, or does it attempt to only try to sell a product?

Relevance should be a key factor in all your email marketing campaigns. This can only be achieved by having a deep and key understanding of your subscriber’s user behavior and patterns. Email campaigns that are not optimized for mobile marketing tend to ignore the need for timeliness and personalization in engagement.

In a recent Quora post, Jai Pattahil, Marketing Manager for CleverTap provided the following tips and tricks for creating more engaging email marketing campaigns.

Smart phone users work in micro-moments and you should track real-time user behavior based on an action that happened (or did not happen) 5 minutes ago. If not, you’re losing out on the opportunity to convert that person into an active user.

In the context of mobile, timing and personalization is everything. And this can only be achieved if you rely on very smart behavior-based segmentation based on what lifecycle stage the customer is in – First time, Repeat, Loyal, Dormant etc.

For example, you should be able to create targeted email campaigns to specific user segments to engage with users outside your app –

  • Actions – Product viewed once, but did not add to cart vs viewed multiple times but still did not add to cart
  • Actions combined with inactions, – added to cart but did not buy, content viewed multiple times but did not download
  • Churn – Previously a power user but now uninstalled vs uninstalled right away

….and so on and so forth. As they say, the devil is in the details of the analytics:)

Of course, then you also have to keep in mind, the basics.

  1. Brevity – Brevity is the name of the game in mobile..short, crisp but creative nuggets with a prominent CTA.
  2. Use mobile-ready templates to make sure visuals, text etc are optimized for the mobile screen.

For more email marketing best practices, read our recent article on the customer lifecycle.


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