App User Lifecycle

How successful web & mobile companies track user engagement

One of the biggest challenges that startups face is how to track in-app engagement and increase user retention.  Whether you’re looking at pages/unique user and time/unique user, there are several ways to look at engagement and help the growth of your app. How do successful web & mobile companies track user engagement?

Sunil Thomas, CEO for CleverTap recently provided best practices and tips on Quora for driving and tracking user engagement.

The basic core of any mobile analytics and user engagement strategy is customer segmentation, and specifically your ability to:

  1. Break down your users into smaller segments based on in-app behavior
  2. Move these segments up the engagement ladder with a combination of product features AND timely, relevant and personalized messaging

Putting an event tracking analytics tool in place is the first step to instrument your website and mobile apps.

  • Use funnel reports to understand user drop-offs across critical flows/paths within your app.
  • Use retention cohort reports to understand your user retention. Use segmentation to bucket users via. funnels, via. cohorts, via. behavior and demographic data and create app experience for these different segments to move them along to the next logical segment.

Check out Sunil Thomas’s post that offers additional advice on how to user customer segmentation for increased mobile growth. Learn more about the power of analytics to transform your business here. Good luck!


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