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Good to Great – What makes a successful mobile startup

The road to a successful mobile startup does not always turn out to be as easy as it seems. User-friendly mobile apps are known to help real business models reach a wider audience and increase profits considerably. This common developmental choice for startups can only turn out to be beneficial if the app is received well by its targeted audience.

The evolutionary path of technology has brought us to an era where the most noteworthy developments are the ones that can be accessed through a smartphone, yet there are many apps in the App Store that do not fetch more than a few thousand downloads due to one or the other reasons. To ensure that your mobile startup does not end up in those pile of mobile apps with a handful of downloads and bad reviews you need to focus on a few aspects of your product, marketing plan as well as your team.

Mobile operating systems have changed tremendously, and so has the life of the end users. There are quite a few mobile startups that have made it big, but there is always room for innovation. Listed below are a few points that are indispensable when working towards building a Successful Mobile Startup.

Build Exceptional Product, Service or Idea

The key to a successful mobile startup lies in its core idea. Your idea should be useful, innovative and user-friendly. Building a good product is easier said than done. If your idea is useful and efficient, then the chances of it drawing an audience are much better than otherwise. There are chances that your product might not make it big in the initial stages, but you must not stop investing in your product. A useful product that users want and like to use is what matters.

Unique Product

Take a close look at your competitors and their products. Is your product just a modified copy of your competitors, or your idea is unique enough to stand apart? It also makes sense to know your audience. Everyone might not need your app so it is always better to focus on your target audience.

Apt Platform

A mobile startup should build an app that is compatible and functions efficiently on all smart devices. Looks do matter, package your product well. Your app must be easy to use and install. Earn extra brownie points if your app works well and looks fab too.

Marketing Plan

What is the use of a great product that does not make its way to its end user? You can use relevant and useful content to market your app well. Optimizing your app details for App Store and Google Play can benefit your app’s marketing strategy. Active social media channels can also prove to be a great marketing channel for your app. For effective marketing, your app should have easy sharing features and rewards points for sharing it.

User Analytics

Keep a keen watch on your essential metrics like daily active users, downloads and uninstalls. Mobile startups should track all critical user activities to adapt and improvise. If they analyze behavior down to the individual and target users they can personalize it and make it more user-friendly, thus making it popular and driving more traction to it.


A platonic startup usually has a developer, a designer, and a distributor. The ideal startup has two of the three founders, with all three skills. The key here is focus towards building a great product. Your team must mean business. A mobile startup needs entrepreneurial skill, hard-work, patience and the perseverance to follow the dream of a successful product. Once your startup has the bandwidth to incorporate more team members look for people who can complement your team and work towards making your product better.

There are various mobile startup success recipes coined by experts, and there are some aspects that can make your idea a success. What works in your favor is your passion. Work hard and test our app rigorously, your app could be next success story that could take the mobile world by storm.


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