FinancesOnline names CleverTap the new rising star

In our brand new FinancesOnline review, CleverTap was described as a powerful, unified, integrated, and comprehensive behavioral analytics platform that drives engagement. The experts of this reputed B2B software directory recognized the potential of our system, and submitted it to a standardized scoring procedure to confirm it meets the criteria to help companies sway user behavior.

The results turned out as we had expected: CleverTap was proven to improve retention, drive customer engagement and reduce attrition, and consequently awarded with two of FinancesOnline’s Conversion Rate Optimization Software Product awards: the 2017 Rising Star Award for fast and innovative development, and the Great User Experience Award for intuitive navigation and reliable support.
CleverTap FinancesOnline Awards
What experts appreciated the most about our system was the advanced capacity to identify the exact areas where customers drop off of users’ websites, and help develop strategies that could invoke the desired action instead. Retention cohorts and funnel monitoring placed Clever Tap between the platform’s most popular Conversion rate Optimization Software Products, where it is praised for its clever campaigns, rich user profiles, live user segments, and detailed visitor segmentation. CleverTap was also recommended to readers because of it’s always-free 10-campaign plan, and the open API infrastructure that helps connect it to any third-party system.

Craig Thayer, Vice President, DealsPlus, relies on CleverTap to execute on their hyper-growth strategy. “CleverTap has proven to be a very valuable (and effective) platform for customized user engagement. Not only is it easy to integrate but it is also very intuitive to use. CleverTap requires little to no engineering or development effort. We plan to explore the other avenues of prescriptive campaigns that CleverTap provides and plan to incorporate CleverTap into all our shopping apps including and Pocketly”

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