Developers are from Mars, Marketers are from Venus

As the number of apps has grown exponentially in the last few years, app developers and marketers are now required to work hand in hand towards the success of the product. On the contrary, we often notice a disconnection between both camps because the inherent nature of developers differs from that of marketers. We seldom find developers who understand the marketing strategy of the product.

Developers are techies while the marketers belong to a creative work environment. Even a well-intentioned app which is of great value to the user will not last in today’s competitive app market if the product strategy is not in sync with the developer’s vision of the app. To work towards the common goal, the developers and marketers need to be on the same page. We know it’s easier said than done.

We have a few simple tips and tricks that can bring the Mars (developers) and Venus (marketers) in sync with each other.

Developers use a lot of tech terms in their general conversation with work colleagues and other coders. Your product marketer might not be able to decipher the meaning of your conversation with him if you are a developer using a lot of technical terms. Marketers might tell you they understand something, even when they don’t. There are two ways to resolve this problem. You have to ask the marketer to repeat what you said, to confirm if they understood. The other way is to use simpler language and rephrase whatever the marketer has not understood. Effective communication happens when the developer and marketer share the same common goals and speak the same language.

The other side of the coin is that developers have a tough time understanding marketing lingo. This ambiguity may lead to a lack of user retention. Developers can be pictured as architects of the house; marketers are the realtors that try to sell it to the highest bidder. Their roles are different but interdependent in a lot of ways.

Developers need to constantly keep the marketers updated about the product and the stage of development. Marketers should take developers into confidence before making any tall claims about the product. Developers have limitations too. Marketers should consult developers about feasibility before making any commitments or deadlines.

Marketers mean business. They need to know how a product will be of value to the user and help them convert to active users. Communication channels between the marketing team and development team should be open at all times. Sharing information across all departments only makes it easier to work towards the success of a product.

Marketers and developers need to work hand-in-hand. The role of each is inevitable for the success of the product. Marketers need to patiently listen to the developers to understand the overall product goal and strategy before they take it to market. Incomplete knowledge can do more harm than good to the product.

For the popularity and success of the product, marketers have to keep a keen eye on the emerging market trends. Marketers might feel the need to taper the product to survive the competition. This might not appear relevant to the developer, but we suggest that the developer needs to lend a patient ear to the marketer and his opinion.

Efficient developers and aggressive marketers are both inevitable for the success of a product. They might have their share of differences, but they are working towards a common goal. If the developers and marketers are not in sync with each other, your product, clients and team will be at the receiving end. Openly communicating with co-workers is a must for a smooth working environment. When Mars and Venus come together ‘Magic’ is sure to happen.

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