CleverTap announces new mobile partnership with Mobincube

CleverTap is excited to announce its new partnership with Mobincube, an easy-to- use platform that allows everyday people to manage Android, iPhone and Windows apps. Our partnership gives all developers using Mobincube’s platform complimentary access to CleverTap’s world-class analytics to create more personalized mobile experiences and increase user engagement.

“With people from all walks of life looking for more cost-effective ways to build a mobile app, Mobincube’s platform is extremely relevant and provides a great solution for novice developers,” said Sunil Thomas, co-founder and chief executive officer at CleverTap. “For us, partnering with Mobincube is a great way to show these young developers why our analytics capabilities are so valuable, and to establish that relationship with them from the get-go.”

For Mobincube, the partnership significantly enhances the value of its platform from a developer perspective. “Having CleverTap’s SDK pre-installed for every developer building an app through Mobincube makes our offerings more appealing than ever,” said Ignacio Roda, Co-Founder of Mobincube. “Now, the one million developers registered on our platform can easily build a robust mobile app and then track and analyze user behavior seamlessly through CleverTap, which is a tremendous value proposition.”

Yay! We look forward to working with the Mobincube team.


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