Fix User Drop-offs with Triggered Campaigns

Not everyone who launches your app ends up transacting or converting. Users drop off at various stages of their journey within your app. If you’re a shopping, ticketing or a food-tech company you are losing revenue ūüôĀ Is there a way to reduce drop-offs? Yes – with triggered campaigns. In the short video below, we

Optimize campaigns for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday is what the US retailers consider the mega shopping event of the year where traditionally all retail stores stay open till late and offer promotional sales to shoppers.  In 2015, for the first time, brick and mortar companies took a back seat to online shoppers. Adobe Digital Index reported that that shoppers spent $2.74

Mobile Growth Tips on App Retention, Engagement Metrics & Segmentation

Every Product Manager, Developer, and Marketer are actively searching for mobile growth hacker tips to help drive mobile engagement and app retention. What is the secret sauce in launching a successful app? Paul Brody, Chief Product Officer for CleverTap recently participated in a Branch Mobile Growth Chat to answer important questions about how to segment users

7 Key Tips For Your Push Notification Strategy

What are the 7 key tips for your push notification strategy? Kara Dake, Product Evangelist for CleverTap recently answered a question on her Quora channel on what best practices a Product Manager, Marketer or Developer should use for their push notification campaigns. CleverTap recently analyzed our platform’s mobile user behavior of over 100 million app

How to Retarget and Track Facebook Campaign Performances

Facebook Advertising can get expensive. However, it is considered one of the most effective ways for mobile app developers and marketers to drive downloads of their apps. How can you increase Facebook conversions and reduce costs through retargeting? CleverTap offers a variety of mobile analytics and engagement solutions for startups to leading enterprises. Given you have

Tips to Improve Your App Store Rating and Get 5 Star Reviews

In today’s crowded App Store, users rely heavily on app reviews to choose whether or not to download your mobile app. In fact, reviews are¬†one of the key elements on whether or not your app will be a success. Does it matter whether your app has¬†3.9 stars than 4.0? ABSOLUTELY! In a recent blog post

Forrester & CleverTap Webinar: How to Increase Mobile Conversions Using Behavioral Segments

In a recent report, Forrester Research stated smartphone users are quickly surpassing active desktop users because mobile adoption rates have soared over the last five years.  Market research shows there has been a dramatic mobile mind shift among consumers, and mobile users are now engaging 2x more than web users on a daily basis. What is a mobile

How to Craft Relevant and Engaging Email Marketing Campaigns

What is the number one key ingredient to making your email marketing campaigns successful?  As a mobile marketer, the most important factor is to make sure your messages are relevant to your subscribers or user base.  In fact, a recent study by  Forrester Research found that irrelevance is the number one reason people cited for unsubscribing from email

How Successful Web & Mobile Companies Track User Engagement

One of the biggest challenges that startups face is how to track in-app engagement and increase user retention.¬†¬†Whether you’re¬†looking at pages/unique user and time/unique user, there are several ways to look at engagement and¬†help the growth of your app. How do successful web & mobile companies track user engagement? Sunil Thomas, CEO for CleverTap recently

10 Reasons Why Users Uninstall Your Mobile App

Did you know that 2.52 billion Mobile apps were downloaded in the year 2009 and this number is expected to rise to 268.69 billion by the year 2017?  Mobile app developers earned approximately 6.8 billion U.S dollars in the year 2010 and this figure has maintained an upward trend ever since. Mobile apps have taken the

Powerful User Segmentation to Drive Growth

At¬†CleverTap we’ve always been on the leading edge of user segmentation capabilities when you send out campaigns. Aggregate data from thousands of our customer campaigns sent¬†every month tells us that the best performing campaigns in terms of click through rates and conversions are the following: 1. Campaigns triggered because¬†of User¬†Inaction These are campaigns¬†where you trigger

7 Startup Success Tips for your Next Mobile App Launch

What are the some startup tips for your next mobile app launch? As a Founder or CMO,  as a start, first do your customer development research to understand the needs of your potential customers, and where online they are currently solving these problems. For example, if you are interested in launching an e-learning tool, find

Best Practices for Customer Lifecycle Email Campaigns

Replacing legacy¬†Email Marketing and CRM systems has been one of the¬†challenges we took to solving at¬†CleverTap. I’ll be frank, it’s been difficult sell to¬†get our customers to completely switch over to CleverTap for all their email communications.¬†Seasoned marketers are well versed with standalone email systems which do the job¬†without really inferring from¬†what users do on

The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Mobile App Development

A lot has changed over the years and so have our mobile habits. The world is now using mobile technology to make life easier. Most business are now developing or have already developed mobile apps that can take their business to every probable customer through their smart devices. If you have not developed an app