Case Study – Unlock revenue

Here’s how CleverTap helped unlock additional revenue of $200,000 for a ticketing portal with targeted, relevant push notifications –

Event tIckets

Who: A leading ticketing portal with presence across Web, and apps for all major mobile platforms.

What: They wanted to reach out to their users to promote a certain movie in the third week after release.

How: They created a push notification campaign to reach to users who had viewed the trailer of that particular movie, but had not bought tickets for that movie yet.

It took all of 15 minutes and a few clicks to create and send out the campaign to more than a million users on both Android and iOS platforms. As it was sent only to those people who had shown an interest in the movie, it was targeted and reached the relevant user base.

Since WizRocket tracks campaign performance, revenue and mobile metrics in real-time, the customer was able track ticket sales worth $200,000 attributed to this campaign.

Learnings: By sending out push notifications to a targeted set of people, they were also able to unlock additional revenue. All it needed was a gentle reminder to those users had already shown an interest in a particular movie, but had yet to see it.

WizRocket provides unlimited, comprehensive and blazingly fast user analytics for your mobile apps and websites. You can create targeted, personalized push notifications based on user actions and profile with just a few clicks. WizRocket has SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

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