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Breaking stereotypes with Father’s Day

Father’s Day is an event that comes off as more of an formality than of a necessity. Following just a few weeks after Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is usually low-keyed and subtle. Unlike the feats of making breakfast in bed and crafting fancy greeting cards, Father’s Day is best celebrated by gifting a can of beer along with an authorized evening of uninterrupted Super Bowl on the big screen.

With such conventional presumptions in our minds, our team at CleverTap was pleasantly surprised with the changing trends we saw this year on Father’s Day.

Surprise #1: When Marketers surprised us
A total of 3.8 million notifications were sent using CleverTap, centered around Father’s Day. Click To Tweet Since push notifications have always been generously accepted by all marketers as the go-to channel of engagement, we weren’t surprised to see majority of the notifications to belong to the push family. What surprised us was that email and web campaigns showed a strong peak this Father’s Day. Marketers combined behavioural analytics and figured that fathers, as a species, are fixated enough to check their emails even on a Sunday or visit their favourite websites too. Truly helps to #KnowYourAudience.

Surprise #2: When Fathers surprised us
While you’d expect that fathers’ interests would most resonate with businesses focused on Food or Travel, this year we observed the highest CTRs for push notifications in the ‘News and Content’ category. With fathers now being more tech-friendly and aware, it is natural to expect marketers to nudge them and engross them via articles around Sports, Finance and News.
Fathers Day Cool Dad

Surprise #3: When we compared Mother’s Day with Father’s Day
We compared our Father’s Day data with that of Mother’s Day, and stumbled across some very interesting insights. (Also check out 5 notifications that won our heart’s this Mother’s day)

Although we’d like to believe that we love both our parents equally, the numbers revealed a different story. E-commerce engagement metrics were on the rise for Mother’s Day as compared to Father’s Day. The click through rates for notifications on Mother’s Day were 2.5 times higher than those observed on Father’s Day. As expected, this showed that expressing emotions in the form of gifts is more popular for mothers than for fathers.

It seems that fathers are getting more health conscious, and mothers need to follow suit.
Medical industry saw 55% higher CTRs for Father's Day than Mother's Day. Click To Tweet

We’d expect fathers to be proactive in making travel plans and exciting trips for the family, but little did we know that real gambit players are the moms. We observed 87.5% higher click throughs for the Travel industry for Mother’s Day than Father’s Day.

One of our clients, Faasos – a food delivery app, nailed its Father’s Day campaign with push notifications. Since the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy Finals coincided with Father’s Day, Faasos took this opportunity to combine Sports and Food to make a strong connection with fathers. Their push notification had all the right ingredients:
Faasos Fathers Day Notification
Combining one of the most popular events in the country with Father’s Day, Faasos made its messaging contextual and relevant. Read our case study on Faasos here.

We hope you had a very special Father’s Day. We are now looking forward to even more interesting (and hopefully surprising) insights around the year. Stay tuned!


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