App User Lifecycle mobile growth chat on personalization and event tracking for your app

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Branch recently invited Anand Jain, Co-Founder for CleverTap to host a Q&A Mobile Growth Chat on Personalization and Event Tracking for Your Apps.

Here’s a highlight of his Q&A:

  1. So this trend of importing api’s on your server and then building customized notification’s, don’t you think this is a little risky? Personalized notifications perform best when it comes to user engagement, and we know a thing or two about them as we send ~150 million push notifications daily. Our systems are solid, scalable and secure. IMHO, it’s the least risky option.
  2. How much variation’s have you seen in customer’s who ask for regional customization (in countries like Indonesia if you send it in their language the user engagement increases) and so forth. The most engaging push notifications are the ones that are personalized, contextual and are sent in response to a user action. It’s always better to send notifications (or in fact, any communication) in the language the user is most comfortable in.
  3. Any tips for start ups and semi-big companies who are embarking on the engagement platform for the first time?We do talk about this a lot on our blog –
  4. Which countries do you think are the emerging mobile first markets and why (india is a huge market but only 20% internet outbreak,where as Indonesia has a huge market but very regional)? The south east asian countries including India are the mobile first countries. We’ll see some interesting use cases emerge.
  5. How to decide which mobile analytics platform suits a company best as the number of options are endless (urbanAirship,One Signal, MoEngage, etc) and how does Clevertap claim to be superior to them? CleverTap offers blazing fast analytics, powerful segmentation, and multiple ways to engage with the user. We let you understand your users first via analytics, before you can segment and engage with them. You can read up on why you should go with CleverTap –

Check out the remainder of Anand Jain’s informative Mobile Growth Chat here.


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