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App User Lifecycle
December 7, 2016

Not everyone who launches your app ends up transacting or converting. Users drop off at various stages of their journey

September 15, 2016

One of the biggest decisions a CTO will make is whether he should build and track his or her own

App User Lifecycle
August 23, 2016

What are the best metrics for measuring user engagement for travel apps like AirBnb? Sunil Thomas, CEO for CleverTap recently answered

App User Lifecycle
August 16, 2016

In today’s crowded App Store, users rely heavily on app reviews to choose whether or not to download your mobile

App User Lifecycle
July 25, 2016

What best practices should you follow when implementing a mobile analytics and event tracking SDK for your app? What events and


In a recent Forrester study it shows that 80% of apps downloaded will be deleted within the first week. What does

July 20, 2016

Predictive modeling is a formula that transforms a list of input fields or variables into some output of interest. Feature

July 18, 2016

What does a data analytics model’s life cycle look like? How often do they get deployed in a company? And

App User Lifecycle
June 29, 2016

Choosing the right analytics platform can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful app. Whether you’re building a game,

App User Lifecycle
June 23, 2016

What are the key success metrics for tracking app engagement using segmentation? The time spent on your site/app by users


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