Fix User Drop-offs with Triggered Campaigns

Not everyone who launches your app ends up transacting or converting. Users drop off at various stages of their journey within your app. If you’re a shopping, ticketing or a food-tech company you are losing revenue ūüôĀ Is there a way to reduce drop-offs? Yes – with triggered campaigns. In the short video below, we

Build vs. Buy: What is the Best Analytics Solution For Your App

One of the biggest decisions a CTO will make is whether he should build and track his or her own analytics program or user a third party provider. Sunil Thomas, CEO for CleverTap recently answered a question on his Quora channel addressing why a company might integrate CleverTap or another provider instead of building their own

Mobile Growth Tips on App Retention, Engagement Metrics & Segmentation

Every Product Manager, Developer, and Marketer are actively searching for mobile growth hacker tips to help drive mobile engagement and app retention. What is the secret sauce in launching a successful app? Paul Brody, Chief Product Officer for CleverTap recently participated in a Branch Mobile Growth Chat to answer important questions about how to segment users

Rio Olympics 2016 Medal Winners and Tracking Mobile Analytics

Are you obsessed with the Rio Olympics 2016 and your favorite sports? How many medals did your country take home and which athletes won? Perhaps, you’re even following the Ryan Lochte and the swim team fiasco. Most people are¬†obsessed by this type of sports data. How many medals has my country won? Who leads all Mobile Growth Chat on Personalization and Event Tracking for Your App

The community is powered by a popular resource for developers and marketers to learn¬†the best user acquisition and retention strategies for iOS and Android mobile apps. Branch recently¬†invited Anand Jain, Co-Founder for CleverTap to host a Q&A Mobile Growth Chat¬†on Personalization and Event Tracking for Your Apps. Here’s a highlight of his Q&A:

Tips to Improve Your App Store Rating and Get 5 Star Reviews

In today’s crowded App Store, users rely heavily on app reviews to choose whether or not to download your mobile app. In fact, reviews are¬†one of the key elements on whether or not your app will be a success. Does it matter whether your app has¬†3.9 stars than 4.0? ABSOLUTELY! In a recent blog post

How to Craft Relevant and Engaging Email Marketing Campaigns

What is the number one key ingredient to making your email marketing campaigns successful?  As a mobile marketer, the most important factor is to make sure your messages are relevant to your subscribers or user base.  In fact, a recent study by  Forrester Research found that irrelevance is the number one reason people cited for unsubscribing from email

Best Practices for Mobile Analytics and Tracking In-App Events

What best practices should you follow when implementing a mobile analytics and event tracking SDK for your app? What events and parameters are relevant for an application that allows users to interact/share with one another? Sunil Thomas, CEO for CleverTap recently answered this question on his Quora channel. He provided the following advice for tracking in-app analytics.

CEOCFO Interview with Sunil Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder for CleverTap

In a recent Forrester study it shows that 80% of apps downloaded will be deleted within the first week.¬†What does it take to launch a successful mobile app in today’s competitive landscape? ‚ÄúIf mobile is a key part of your future growth you have to adapt significantly. You cannot treat today‚Äôs mobile world like your

Tricks and Tips for Feature Engineering

Predictive modeling is a formula that transforms a list of input fields or variables into some output of interest. Feature engineering is simply a thoughtful creation of new input fields from existing input fields, either in an automated fashion or manually, with valuable inputs from domain expertise, logical reasoning, or intuition. The new input fields could

Data Analytics Model’s Life Cycle

What does a data analytics model’s life cycle look like? How often do they get deployed in a company? And what happens to the ones that aren’t deployed? Sunil Thomas, CEO for CleverTap recently answered this question on his Quora channel. Just like software development methodologies have progressed over time to become more agile and

How Successful Web & Mobile Companies Track User Engagement

One of the biggest challenges that startups face is how to track in-app engagement and increase user retention.¬†¬†Whether you’re¬†looking at pages/unique user and time/unique user, there are several ways to look at engagement and¬†help the growth of your app. How do successful web & mobile companies track user engagement? Sunil Thomas, CEO for CleverTap recently

What is the Next Generation of Mobile Analytics Software

Mobile analytics software is at the core of a changing Data Science industry. With data-rich information that can be retrieved and evaluated across all smart devices, a competitive advantage is now available to marketers and developers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, analyzing data is not always easy. What is the next generation of mobile analytics software that will catapult

Co-Founder Anand Jain’s Startup Discussion with Afternoon Courier

What drives the best entrepreneurs? In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Anand Jain the Co-Founder for CleverTap speaks about how India is evolving to become the fastest growing mobile internet ecosystem and how CleverTap plans to stay ahead of the curve. Find out what drives startup entrepreneurs, how to raise seed and venture capital and secrets

Mobile Growth Webinar: May 12th App Engagement and User Retention Strategies

Today’s app economy is ultra competitive.   Currently, there are over 30 million mobile applications worldwide in the IOS and Google Play App Stores. Getting your app discovered and downloaded is even harder. Over 80% of apps downloaded are only used once! How do you drive mobile growth engagement and retention for your app? Join us for