Trending Funnels

Funnels are among the most powerful analytic tools for Product Managers or Marketeers to understand how users navigate your app. Most apps have a sequence of steps you’d ideally like your users to follow. For example eCommerce apps often push users along a transactional flow from product discovery to purchase. A funnel is a great way to tell how

Recurring Campaigns

The goal for many marketers is to automate the routine. Once you understand when to reach your users, on which channels they respond, and with what types of messaging, savvy marketers look to automation to make their lives simple. That’s why we’ve introduced two new types of Recurring Campaigns to complement our Scheduled (one-time) and Triggered

All New Interactive Graphs

We’ve just rolled out a serious upgrade to all the graphs and histogram charts across the product making them more functional and much more attractive and readable. Every graph has Daily/Weekly/Monthly scaling along with convenient options to print/save in common formats. You can also highlight any region of the graph (click and drag to select

Not Equals Operator includes “Not Set”

In CleverTap you can set a User Property on any profile to identify users with certain characteristics. For example you might create a User Property (Customer Type) and set its value for a given user to “Silver” if she has made sufficient purchases. Read more about User Profiles and User Properties in our Documentation. Historically, the

Introducing A/B & Multivariate testing plus more

Optimizing messages and campaigns is a crucial activity for any app marketer. We’ve just added three new ways to optimize everything you deliver – A/B & Multivariate Testing Split Message Delivery and Sending campaigns to an Audience Subset All three features are now available for Push. The other marketing channels we’ll roll out in the

iOS Rich Notifications Are Here!

Rich notifications, one of the most anticipated features of iOS 10 is here. For everyone out there supporting multiple platforms, now your notifications on iOS will be at parity with Android. Here is the rundown on the most important additions in iOS to enable you to create highly engaging experiences. Rich Content for Push Notifications Now

Using Behavioral Segments for Analytics

We’ve seen how to create, track and drill down on Past Behavior and Live User Segments in CleverTap as well as how segments can be used (as before) to drive your marketing campaigns. Now let’s take closer look at how to use segments across all your analytics. Filtering Dashboard by Segments At the top of every

Behavioral Segmentation for Analytics and Engagement

What is Behavioral Segmentation? It’s the grouping of users based on what they do in your app. It can be as simple as users who launched the app for the first time in the past 30 days, to the more complex, such as your users acquired via a Facebook campaign in April who transacted 3 or more times in May

Creating Campaigns with Behavioral Segments

Behavioral Segmentation is the grouping of users based on what they do in your app. You’ve already been using Behavioral Segments every time you create and deliver an engagement campaign in CleverTap. In our latest release we’ve made Segments a standalone feature so you can leverage the power of segmentation across both your analytics and campaigns. In

Introducing Web Push Notifications

The cornerstone of any engagement and retention strategy is sending timely, personalized and contextual messages…on exactly the right channel for your users. We’ve just released two new campaign channels – Web Push and SMS so you have more options to reach your users in the best way. What is Web Push and how does it work? 

Support for Multiple Users per Device

In our latest SDK release (Version 2.2) we’ve added support for multiple users per device. Get iOS Version Get Android Version If your app use case calls for multiple users (on the same device) you can use the onUserLogin method to assign each person a unique profile to track their usage separately. The per user tracking gives you

Using Time of Day to Create Segments and Campaigns

One of the most crucial insights you can gain about your users is understanding when they perform activities in your app. People who are active early in they day may behave completely differently from night owls. Some businesses built around serving users at specific times of the day such as the morning commute or lunchtime depend on

Update on Google Play Store Privacy Requirements

A few weeks back Google clarified its User Data Policy for developers submitting apps to the Google Play Store. Among these changes is a requirement to include a privacy policy, with appropriate disclosures, for an app that contains an SDK that collects personally identifiable information (PII). We sent communications to all of our customers about how to ensure you are