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What Is A Minimum Viable Product + Methodologies For Marketers
April 30, 2019

Minimum viable product methodologies for building great products for startups and more. We use the Eisenhower matrix to outline the first product roadmap for early adopters.

Hyper-Casual Games Gone Viral
April 23, 2019

How did hyper-casual games become so popular and what monetization strategies are they using? We include what can be learned from popular gaming apps for your mobile marketing efforts.

15 Call-to-Action Buttons From The World’s Best Mobile Marketers
April 18, 2019

Call-to-action buttons must inspire users to take the next step towards engagement or becoming a paying customer. Featuring 15 examples from experts testing their CTAs.

21 Value Proposition Examples and Takeaways From Billion Dollar Companies
April 16, 2019

Value proposition examples from companies generating billions of dollars in value can offer unique insights and takeaways. We cover 21 examples of the best value propositions for business.

Marketing to Millennials: Your Lit Guide
April 9, 2019

Marketing to millennials can feel like another language. Learn what appeals to and offends millennials in marketing. Millennial translation guide included.

Growth Strategy From Real World Mobile App Examples
April 4, 2019

Growth strategies are different for every company, and there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. Know your audience, be open to new ideas, find where your product is needed, and don’t be afraid to hack it.

Aha Moment Magic For Your Users to ‘Get It’
April 2, 2019

An Aha Moment is priceless and users must be saying “Eureka” before you can expect retention. Follow these strategies to get users to reach their aha moment faster.

Customer Win-Back Strategies to Redeem Relationships
March 28, 2019

Customer win-back strategies should be valid attempts to rekindle a fire that once burned between your customers and business. Learn how to get users back and engaged.

App Icons Designed For Mobile Magnetism
March 26, 2019

App icons are your first impressions on users in the app store and everyday reminders on their device. Follow app icon design best practices to boost your mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile App Security Threats and Secure Best Practices
March 19, 2019

Integrating mobile app security into your strategy is essential to protecting your users, their data, and the trust you’ve established with them.


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