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Information = Intelligence: Understanding why rich user profiles work and what makes them so powerful
June 15, 2017

As mobile and app marketers, you’re constantly on the hunt for a competitive edge. You’re looking for the best strategies,

10 smart mobile app marketing campaigns for product managers
August 29, 2016

The success of your mobile app depends on your ability to engage with your users based on their individual behavior

Forrester Webinar: Increase Mobile Conversions Using Behavioral Segments
App User Lifecycle
August 12, 2016

In a recent report, Forrester Research stated smartphone users are quickly surpassing active desktop users because mobile adoption rates have soared

How to win with a app retention-First strategy
App User Lifecycle
June 3, 2016

App launches, uninstalls, churn… If you’re wondering why you are frequently hearing these stats in relation to everything mobile app-related,

How Streamago cracked the code for mobile retention for new app users
Customer Spotlight
May 19, 2016

Can’t stop laughing about something that happened today? Bored and looking for someone to chat with? Want to show off


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