Why Finding the Perfect App is a lot Like Dating

It is the month of February and Valentine’s Day is here! When I look around, I notice, singles are busy browsing dating apps to find the perfect match. Couples are booking getaways, buying gifts, planning surprises and making plans to spend a memorable Valentine’s Day with their beloved. According to Tinder, last Valentine’s Day, their

Developers Are From Mars, Marketers Are From Venus

As the number of apps has grown exponentially in the last few years, app developers and marketers are now required to work hand in hand towards the success of the product. On the contrary, we often notice a disconnection between both camps because the inherent nature of developers differs from that of marketers. We seldom

The User Product Life Cycle: Mobile App Engagement Tools & Tips

With over 30 million apps in the Google Play Store and iOS collectively, smartphone users have a variety of choices. Successfully launching your app and then getting is discovered and downloaded by the users is a herculean task by itself. If your app is liked by mobile users and your app is getting the desired

How to Act Like a Developer Think Like a Marketer

The world of apps is limitless. The app store has an app for every need. There are more than 30 million mobile apps collectively on Google Play Store and iOS. With multiple apps for everything, getting your app discovered and downloaded is only getting tougher. Driving engagement and growth retention are the prime concerns of

How SmartPhones Are Changing the Mobile Shopping Experience

Mobile technology has taken over the world by storm and has changed the way we buy and sell. Smartphones have changed the way we work and socialize and now it has even invaded out wallets. A huge population, irrespective of their age, sex, language, social or economic status, now owns a smart phone. The Internet

10 Reasons Why Users Uninstall Your Mobile App

Did you know that 2.52 billion Mobile apps were downloaded in the year 2009 and this number is expected to rise to 268.69 billion by the year 2017?  Mobile app developers earned approximately 6.8 billion U.S dollars in the year 2010 and this figure has maintained an upward trend ever since. Mobile apps have taken the

The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Mobile App Development

A lot has changed over the years and so have our mobile habits. The world is now using mobile technology to make life easier. Most business are now developing or have already developed mobile apps that can take their business to every probable customer through their smart devices. If you have not developed an app

10 Daily Habits of Top Mobile App Developers

Much has been written and said about habits of successful entrepreneurs, designers, CEOs, COOs and more. It is about time that we get to discuss top habits of those who are rocking the mobile app scene- The App Developers. App developers are the ones who are instrumental in giving us those fantastic apps that have

The Top Ten Apps for Women in India

Women play various roles in their lives and have a lot to accomplish on a daily basis. They face several challenges and are usually juggling to strike a balance between a demanding career, education, home, kids, hobbies, social commitments and other stuff they wish to do like yoga, exercising, traveling or reading. A smartphone is

The Psychology of a Loyal Smartphone User

The estimated number of smartphone users around the world will surpass a whopping 2 billion by 2016. Easy availability of pocket-friendly smartphones is a boon for the buyers and sellers who previously had no internet access. A look at the local café, restaurant, college or workplace will show you people staring at their smart devices

Good to Great – What Makes a Successful Mobile Startup

The road to a successful mobile startup does not always turn out to be as easy as it seems. User-friendly mobile apps are known to help real business models reach a wider audience and increase profits considerably. This common developmental choice for startups can only turn out to be beneficial if the app is received

The Mobile Habits of Connected Teens

Nowadays, there is an indispensable connect between people and their palm-sized, smart devices connected to the internet. Most people confess that they never leave their smartphone alone. These smart devices are always within the reach of their hands 24×7. Most people reach out for their mobile device first thing in the morning even before they

The Most Popular Social Apps on Android & IOS

Social networking has made it easier than ever to stay connected with friends and the global community at large. Most social networks allow you to do much more than just socialize, they fulfill the human need to connect. Social media giants know that enhancing user experience is the key to success hence they have evolved