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How to Use the Google HEART Framework to Measure and Improve Your App’s UX
October 4, 2018

User experience designers spend a lot of time observing users, talking to them, and gathering feedback. They track metrics like

Beacon Marketing 101: How Today’s Top Retail Brands Attract Customers with Proximity Marketing
September 20, 2018

Beacons burst onto the scene in 2013 when Apple announced new iBeacon technology. At the time, the internet lit up

What Is Database Marketing? Why It’s Important and How to Do It Right
September 6, 2018

Real-time data. Actionable insights. 360 customer views. Personalized engagement strategies. Omnichannel campaigns. They may be buzzwords, but they’re also critical

How 6 Top Brands Use Machine Learning Marketing to Create Smarter Campaigns
August 23, 2018

Never before have marketers had access to more customer data. User profiles can go beyond basic name and demographic data

Onboarding Emails: Best Practices for Increasing Initial App Retention
August 9, 2018

“Users try out a lot of apps but decide which ones they want to stop using within the first 3-7

What CMOs Want: The Mobile Marketing Metrics Executives Actually Care About
August 2, 2018

Data-driven marketers track a lot of mobile app metrics in order to better understand their users and customers. Site metrics,

2018 Report: Data-Backed Secrets of Winning Push Notification Campaigns
July 10, 2018

The average US smartphone user gets 46 push notifications every day,1 and that number is only growing. With users being

How to Do SMS Marketing Right: 10 Tips for Successful Text Campaigns
June 26, 2018

The effectiveness of SMS marketing is indisputable. Texting has the highest engagement rate of any marketing medium by far at

6 Customer Segmentation Examples for Better Mobile Marketing
May 29, 2018

No matter what type of app you have, every single one of your users is unique – and each one

The Mobile Growth Statistics You Need to Know
May 22, 2018

Marketers know that smartphones changed the game. It’s been years since mobile overtook desktop usage, and that gap is only


$2 Billion

1 Billion

20 Million