Announcing our fancy new startup program!

Calling all early adopters, innovators and mobile app startups!  We know building an app is all encompassing, and to make matters worse, 90% of apps downloaded within the first week of launch are deleted.

In the world of apps there is massive competition and to keep up, mobile innovators need to differentiate and stay top of mind by keeping their user bases engaged often, with the right messages at the right time.

If you engage in the critical moments post-download, it will increase retention 10 fold.

Today we launched the CleverTap Startup Program to bring messaging to the masses and help entrepreneurs retain the majority of their customers within the first week of launch.  

CleverTap’s goal is to add value to startup entrepreneurs and app entrants. We believe in sharing our team and community’s knowledge of app development innovation and marketing best practices.

Each week we will host a series of webinars and demos aimed to educate and incubate new mobile ideas and frameworks for mobile success – and this is just the beginning.  

Let’s do this!        

~Your CleverTap team

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