A day in the life of a CSM at CleverTap

Purely by chance, I found myself working in the customer success team at CleverTap, a leader in the mobile app analytics and user engagement space. Being a computer science graduate, I didn’t know what to expect at first. However, over time, I’ve come to truly appreciate the various perspectives I get around technology decisions, business objectives, and customer relationships. In fact, I think it’s a perfect fit for people like me who want to apply their technical background to a role that helps them to also interact with the customers.

In my position, I play a major role in acquiring and onboarding accounts – from startups who have small apps to big enterprises – across the globe. I started at CleverTap, fresh out of school, with a tech degree. To be successful at what I do, I’ve had to (and continue to) learn sales, business decision-making, and best practices around customer success. For someone like me, who enjoys working with customers, this role offers much more diversity and exposure than a full-time coding job.

During our onboarding process, I consult with numerous accounts on strategies around scalability and help them identify the right metrics for the success of their business with our product. This more often than not, impacts millions of their end users and I get a great sense of satisfaction knowing I’ve made a difference on such a scale!

There’s a lot of cross-functional work to be done as well:

  • Teaming up with our platform evangelists to successfully demo and onboard prospective customers.
  • Partnering with marketing to glean insightful customer trends to showcase how we’ve positively impacted our customers and also identify areas of improvement.
  • Connecting with our product team to convey feedback towards minimizing customer pain-points and enhancing their overall experience.

Of course, I haven’t completely moved away from tech. I work on solution architectures for our team. Not core engineering to develop the product itself, but supplementary tools to evaluate and streamline CleverTap’s customer onboarding and retention programs. For instance, I’ve had the opportunity to create utilities for users to seamlessly transition their data from several competitor platforms over to us, and also to build tools to track and improve our Customer Success team’s onboarding KPIs.

Last, but not the least — since I love to write, I write for CleverTap’s company blog. You can check out some of my pieces here.

I hope this gives you some food for thought. 🙂 You can write to me at if you’d like to chat more about this!


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