App User Lifecycle

A blueprint to your mobile engagement and user retention strategy

Your newly acquired mobile app users are a lot like kids with a new toy. Your app is the fancy new toy the users are excited about and are giving their attention to. But, if you do not give them enough reasons to keep coming back to your app and engage with it, there is a high chance that they will forget about your app and eventually uninstall it (‘out-of-sight is out-of-mind’ and will fall into the  ‘discarded’ box of toys)

With growing competition, marketers are spending more and more dollars on acquiring these new users. Thus, a churn is a lot costlier to mobile app businesses now than ever before. Smart mobile app engagement strategies and tactics that will help to increase retention and reduce churn are a lot cheaper than the typical acquisition campaigns. Thus for a marketer, it is no longer just about acquiring more users. It is also about ensuring that these mobile app users are retained and don’t end up in the the attrition funnel.

Recognizing the importance of mobile app engagement and retention for mobile app businesses, we deep dove into this science of mobile user engagement along with User Retention. After analyzing tens of thousands of marketing campaigns and behaviour of millions of users across leading brands, we have published  a comprehensive whitepaper on Mobile Engagement and user Retention.  

In this white paper, CleverTap talks about the primary tools of trade used by various businesses to understand user behaviour in mobile apps. It exemplifies the various applications of funnels, cohorts and user segmentation in  different business use cases to explain how your users are interacting with your mobile app, what user flows are they following the most, how your segments of interest are behaving and how you can influence them to perform the optimal action.    

This paper details:

  1. The different lifecycle stages of the users (like on-boarding, nurture and attrition) and the importance of having different approaches of mobile app engagement strategies for each lifecycle stage
  2. The roles of the various messaging channels and creation of mobile user engagement campaigns based on ‘user-actions’ and on ‘user-time’
  3. Industry best practices and tips that help drive timely, contextual and personalised mobile user engagement strategy, which help develop loyal mobile app users.

This white paper provides a holistic view of Mobile Marketing and App Engagement. To learn more about strategies on how to set up effective campaigns across the entire lifecycle of mobile app users, so that you can retain acquired app users, drive mobile app engagement and win back lost users, download the white paper now.


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