Case Study increased their app engagement by 10% by sending offer coupons at the right time via CleverTap push notifications

Black Friday logo by SAZZE is consumers’ one-stop-shop for millions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals every Thanksgiving season. Using their app, buyers can accumulate offers from hundreds of shops with just a few clicks.


10% increase in app engagement used CleverTap analytics to identify the time-window when people were most likely to engage with the app. Using this metric, they sent targeted push notifications to the right category of users at the right time. This helped increase their app engagement by 10%. 

Black Friday app


During the Thanksgiving season, was looking to increase coupon sales through their app. The longer people stayed on their app, the more likely they were to add coupons to their list of favorites. So their goal was to maximize average user time spent in the app.

THE SOLUTION leveraged CleverTap analytics to segment users based on the category of product they viewed for e.g. Electronics, and identified the time of day during which this segment was most active in the app. This helped them send push notifications to those users who were most likely to open the app at a certain time, and those who were the most relevant in terms of product category.