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Aggregate Customer Data from Online and Offline Sources

Your users live in a world of instant gratification, with immediate access to information. Break down silos to combine data from multiple sources – mobile phones, tablets, POS systems, smart TVs, and more. Process millions of data points and run advanced queries while users interact with the brand in real-time. Continuously enrich a single source-of-truth; thereby making your marketing strategies more intelligent.
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unified customer profile

Build Unified, Persistent 360° Customer Profiles

A unified customer database tracks customer interactions over time from all source systems to build rich user profiles with a 360° view of every user. User profiles are unified and persistent with behavioral and transactional data across data sources including demographic data (gender, age, location), website interactions, campaign visits, and transaction history. The more they interact with your brand, the deeper the customer insights.

Analyze Real-time Marketing Insights to Automate User Segmentation

Our advanced AI/ML capabilities provide relevant customer insights from our customer data platform and automate user segmentation to create targeted campaigns that drive revenue. Identify customer needs in real-time using unified user profiles to target your ideal customer segments. Trigger campaigns based on external events like retargeting high-value churned customers with personalized and relevant campaigns via social platforms.
automate user segmentation
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Run a User-Centric Engagement Strategy

Create a data-driven approach to omnichannel customer engagement that brings context and personalization to the customer journey. Understand the campaigns and strategies that bring maximum impact – in real-time. Orchestrate marketing across engagement channels to provide a consistent user experience and messaging on every channel.

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