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Data suggests that mobile sales are on pace to grow by 35% in 2017 in the US, which is more than 2X the growth rate of total US e-commerce sales in the first half of 2016. To give you an estimate of the opportunity here, Worldwide Retail Ecommerce Sales is expected to touch $1.915 Trillion! However, almost 90% of the retail marketers are still figuring out how to get a small piece of this pie.

  • Did you know that only about 20% of US consumers use a shopping app to make a purchase while 42% of mobile revenue comes from apps?
  • Did you know that tablet devices account for the highest add-to-cart rates on e-commerce websites at 8.58%?
  • Did you know that iBeacons are anticipated to influence $4 billion in U.S. retail sales in 2017?
  • Did you know that only 44% of the Fortune 500 websites passed Google’s test that promotes mobile-friendly apps, a signal that retailers of all sizes need to follow suit to keep up?
  • Did you know that only 3/500 retailers in the Mobile 500 are using deep linking in their Android apps while 66/500 are doing so for iOS?
Read this whitepaper to learn more about the various marketing channels that popular retail brands are increasingly using in their growth strategies and how you can leverage these to increase sales by a factor of almost 2X.
  • Mobile Payments: Optimizing the mobile shopping experience for easy checkout is one of the leading factors in increasing mobile purchases.
  • Social Commerce: Brands leverage and will continue to leverage various social platforms to sell their products and services directly. Integrations across web and social will drive most of the conversations and engagement and users will buy directly from the social platforms.
  • iBeacon Technology: Proximity marketing is targeting the right shopper, at the right place, at the right time. Using tools such as iBeacon, retailers can learn about a shoppers pre-purchasing behavior in real-time.
  • Deep Linking: Mcommerce marketers and developers should incorporate deep links from offers, ads, and mobile alerts directly to the product page to optimize conversion rates.
  • SMS Marketing: Omni-channel marketing that includes SMS as an extension of a brand’s marketing outreach is bound to increase sales as compared to standalone SMS marketing campaigns.
Download this whitepaper to get your hands on more such insights and tactics that will help accelerate your mobile marketing efforts for 2017 and around the holiday season. Get your free copy now!

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